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KLZ Studio, your Interior Architecture and Decoration agency located in Cannes, is dedicated to providing you with an architectural and decorative approach that reflects your uniqueness as well as that of the spaces you entrust to us. We merge the disciplines of fashion, theatrical scenography, and art to reveal their full potential.

Like a scenographer, we conceive spaces in their entirety, considering ergonomics, optimization, and the creation of cohesive atmospheres aligned with your objectives. Whether for your boutiques, restaurants, hotels, or villas, we bring that certain "je ne sais quoi" that encourages your clients and friends to return.

This added value is manifested through a sensory approach, where meticulous selection of materials, blending of textures, patterns paired with color schemes create welcoming and highly desirable spaces. We understand that these elements, combined with sometimes bespoke furniture choices, contribute to the creation of unique spaces.

While aesthetics guide our approach to staging your spaces, we also commit to respecting standards, functionality, and regulations, both of our profession and yours.

KLZ Studio accompanies you in your projects, both in France and internationally, in French as well as in English.

Lastly, as a French company, we possess deep knowledge of French regulations and expertise in navigating them effectively.

Contact us at or +33 (0) 6 20 59 56 29

we are eager to co-create your spaces.


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