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KUCHERAVY architecture is a company with 15 years of experience in sustainable architecture with a focus on:

  • people's health and working productivity
  • energy-efficiency and renewable energy sources
  • decarbonisation and positive impact on the environment


  • sustainable and evidence-based architecture
  • biohacking design
  • calculations, measurements and tracking (daylight, energy demand and supply, whole-life carbon, indoor air quality)
  • decarbonisation and energy transition solutions
  • consultancy for private clients, hotels and schools
  • education for professionals (architects, builders and real estate)

We know how to create not only a beautiful shape but an optimal space, where you can live healthy and happier with low energy costs and without negative impact on the environment!


If you plan to build a house or adapt an existing residential building, hotel or school to your sustainable life and have questions:

  • How to move from building energy class "D" to "A" in an economically reasonable way?
  • Is it possible to reach Zero Energy/Emmision Building in my situation?
  • How much thermal insulation do I need?
  • How much energy could be produced by photovoltaic panels in my location?
  • What amount of energy demand could be covered by heat pumps?
  • How to avoid overheating and reduce energy demand for cooling?
  • What building and engineering solutions are optimal for the energy and ecology transition of my building?
  • How to improve indoor microclimate and indoor air quality in the building and reduce health risks for me and my family?
  • How to balance my circadian rhythms and improve my sleeping and relaxing, working productivity and learning efficiency in the building?
  • What quality of windows do I need to save energy inside during the winter period and avoid overheating during the summer period?
  • How to improve the quality of my life through architecture and design with optimal energy costs and without a negative impact on the environment?

You are in the right place because we have answers for you. Just send a message in WhatsApp or email with photos of your house.


Climate Resilient House

Green Renovation

The 1st Active House in Ukraine 

and more at


Alexander KUCHERAVY,

architect, active house verifier,

Vice-Chairman of Active House Alliance


+380 66 599 75 95 (WhatsApp / Signal / Viber / Telegram)

+33 635 32 03 76 (Mobile Phone)



Sustainable development is "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs".

Mrs Gro Harlem Brundtland, Norwegian Prime Minister (1987)


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