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Reach thousands of potential customers on the French Riviera!

Working with highly rated service providers and creating super relevant content are our main priorities for the platform. 

That’s why we only allow partners that meet the requirements.

It is also the reason why we personally verify every professional, optimise each listing and even make professional photos of our Premium members!

The platform

A professional listing optimised for high traffic!

Easily create your personal listing page today and become visible to potential clients.

Your page will have a great description of what you do and how you can help customers.

We will also make professional photos (requires a Premium membership), you can add a video if you have one, collect reviews and you can add links to your social channels and website.

There is also a built-in function to chat with other users and potential clients – called ‘direct messaging’.

In other words, everything you need to collaborate with other professionals and reach new customers!

Collaboration network

Setup partnerships and close more deals

To develop your business it is important to establish partnerships and connect with others.

This will help you provide your client a better service, make referrals when needed and help protect the highest industry standards.

Our platform works to reach potential customers but also to connect with like-minded professionals and build a strong collaboration network!


Weekly networking events

Expand your partner network and connect with potential customers

We organise weekly in-person and online networking events on the French Riviera to help you connect with potential partners and customers.

The events are a relaxed and easy way to meet people and talk business.

You can even tell us who you want to connect with and we will get you in touch with them!

Marketing tool kit

Drive traffic to your personal page and website

In addition to our marketing efforts to bring thousands of potential customers to the platform and gives you huge international visibility.

We will also provide you with various tools to easily collect reviews and boost traffic to your page.

This includes digital assets but also physical stickers and flyers that you can hand out.

Remember, if every partner does this regularly we will already have a huge variety of interesting platform visitors.

Together we can achieve great things 💪


Unlock everything today!

Okay, I think you understand what we offer – a collaboration network and an excellent tool to reach thousands of potential customers.

You can create your personal page today and upload all the information you want. 

Once done, we will check your description and make improvements if necessary for better engagement. We will also optimise your page for a better position in the search engines (SEO).

All of this, plus free access to all networking events, is included in the Premium and Business membership.

Sign up now

Next steps

The first step is to sign up by clicking on ‘Start free Premium trial now‘ or ‘Start free Business trial now‘. You will be redirected to the secured payment environment from Stripe. 

By signing you will automatically benefit from a 10-day free membership trial – no payment today!

Once signed up you will receive the link to add your listing. When you have submitted all your information, we will take a look and optimise for better engagement!

We will approve your listing and it will be become immediately visible to all website visitors!

To give an extra boost, we will use our mailing list with thousands of people interested in this region and social channels including our Facebook group to promote your page!

Also included in you rmembership is unlimited free access to our weekly business and social networking events.

The atmosphere is relaxed and an excellent way to meet and connect with people on the French Riviera.

Could be potential partners, clients and friends. You never know what a simple conversation might lead to!